A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB provides a multilingual platform, where Cardano enthusiasts can find all the tools and features needed to connect, learn, promote, and grow their Cardano initiatives locally, nationally and across the globe.

Here is a quick overview of key activities of a Cardano Hub, you can also learn more on the links provided.

Help people and organisations create local Cardano Hubs.
Promote the benefits of the Cardano Blockchain and use of ₳DA
Become Self Sustaining through Stakepool operation & tokenisation
Contribute to Ecological sustainability and reducing climate change
Identify and Solve local problems using Cardano Blockchain & digital tools
Provide general education about blockchain & digital currencies
Training of coders and application developers
Developing online & offline retail sales using ₳DA
Identify the unbanked to facilitate affordable local and remittance payments
Build Access to computer equipment and provide internet services
Create local Cardano native tokens
Translation of documentation & software User Interfaces
Encourage the use of Digital Identifications (DID’s)