DAO The WayInitially, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the acronym “DAO”, it stands for a “Decentralised Autonomous Organisation”, this means that the administration of the organisation is controlled purely by code on the blockchain, or otherwise known as a smart contract, the creativity for the organisation is provided by the human beings involved who propose ideas to the DAO so that the entire community can then vote on whether they want the proposal to be implemented or not.

NOTE: In Chinese the word “DAO” means: a way or a path. Confucians used the word to explain the way human beings ought to behave in society in an ethical or moral way.


Introduction to the activities of CCH DAO

"Using CryptoCurrency to Solve the Planet's Problems"

The mission of CCH DAO is to help people solve real-world problems in a sustainable way and by motivating people to take action.

CCH DAO is focused on building a network of Cardano Community Hubs that will demonstrate the benefits of the Cardano Blockchain for both businesses and individuals.

Using the power of CryptoCurrencies and Blockchain technologies CCH DAO is now launching into the active phase.

This is where CCH DAO will raise funding: to deepen our research, reach formal relationships with partners, build our team, become an incubator for new technologies and projects that will help our planet, improve living standards internationally, by supporting new projects, developing open-source techniques, and supplying resources.


CCH DAO Ecosystem