Online Grant Funding Guide


Proposal Advice

Your first step is to visit: and create an account, you will use this to submit proposals.

We have been submitting proposals for over 14 Months, here are some pieces of advice that we found useful:

1. Think of a proposal that will last for 3 months (from getting funding).

2. Start with what you think you can achieve in 3 months, these will be your stated "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI's) at the end of the proposal.

3. Try to keep your funding request to under $10,000, or, under 5% of the Challenge funds.

4. Break down your requested funding into 3 monthly budgets.

5. Think of a good catchy Title.

6. Only then write down how you will get the work done during the 3 months.

7. Keep the text to the main items to highlight, if there is expansive research, or longer text, put a website links in the text.

Proposals Advice: Part 2

Think “What does the Cardano Community want or need?” You need to demonstrate that your project will add quality value to Cardano and help attract new people to the Community.

Your project needs to utilise the Cardano Blockchain and $₳DA or Cardano Native Currency.

Remember you need to write and add graphics or video to make the lives of the Community Advisors as easy and entertaining as possible, they have hundreds or even thousands of projects to assess – so make your proposal quick to understand and stand out from the others.

Community Advisors can make or break your possibility of securing funding, remember they have a wide range of skill levels, ages, industry knowledge and personal interests. Do not presume they will understand or appreciate your particular specialty or focus, it is better to think you are addressing a beginner to ensure you completely explain the key benefits of your proposal to the Cardano Community.

Proposals Advice: Part 3

Be ready to publish your placeholder proposal the minute “Proposing” is enabled (after the first week of “ideation”), this should ensure your proposal is at or near the top of the Challenge’s list, if you delay your proposal may get buried towards to end of the list making it more difficult to see (Less Eyeballs).

Please also check out the other links on the left side for detailed guidance on all aspects of preparing your proposal.