Business Generation & Tools

Here are the activities and things we propose to develop, or continue to develop, over the next 6 months (2 months Pre-Funding, 4 months funded):

Business Training

Continue building the number of people interested in creating Cardano Community Hubs.

Continue developing training and clear guidance on Launching and running Cardano Community Hubs profitably, also how to approach and attract new users of the Cardano Blockchain.

Continue developing our Cardano Directory to build networking and trade within Cardano.

Cardano ₳DA Payment Plugins

We have built a number of payment gateways for multiple shopping carts based on Joomla and Wordpress, these need further development and integrations, also we need to provide comprehensive support and documentation for them.

COTI ₳DA Pay &DJED integration

We want to continue our work with COTI ₳DA Pay and incorporate the DJED Cardano stable coin into our software for retailers.

Cardano Wallet Integration

We also need to continue the work to integrate our ₳DA payment gateways with Cardano Wallets.

Development of Cardano Cart -

We are in the process of developing “Cardano Cart”, this is a dedicated shopping cart ready to accept ₳DA for any product or service, you could even sell your NFTs directly to the buyers. It will be able to interface with Cardano Wallets, ₳DA Pay and much more.

₳DA Affiliate Referral Programs

We are also developing affiliate referral software so that Cardano “Tr₳Das” (Traders) can offer commissions and other incentives in ₳DA to people promoting their products and services, this will dramatically increase the number of transactions between our ecosystem members.

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