Education & Marketing

We aim to provide multiple ways to educate people and empower them to take action.

Multimeda Multilingual Business Training

We are developing multimedia multilingual online Business courses and online digital training to help our Cardano Hubs make money, this includes our growing Online Business eBook Library.

Subjects will include many marketing techniques on all the social media channels and many unknown sales and marketing software tools that makes building sales much easier.

Events & meetings

Target: We aim to be promoting Monthly in-person and Metaverse meetings and events in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Business Development Kit

We will published a multilingual online training course about creating businesses, making money with the Cardano Blockchain and digital currencies.

Hubs Development Kit

We will publish a multilingual online training course about starting and building a Cardano Community Hub that becomes financially self-sustainable removing the reliance on funding from Project Catalyst.

Token Launch Kit

We will published a multilingual online training course about launching a Cardano Native Token in a responsible way, that does not rely on the token price for success. We will encourage responsible financial self-sustainability with an incorporated business use-case or a utility that will generate revenues and profits.

CCH Stake Pool Operator Kit

We intend to launch our own stake pool firstly to generate income to the CCH DAO and perhaps more importantly we will share all of the information about how we created our pool and all the details so that other Cardano Hubs can follow our models to make income.

User Generated Content (UGC)

We will encourage the community to contribute content to our platform and social media so that we get real engagement and a two-way flow of information in the community.

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