The Cardano Glossary

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The Cardano Glossary

Find the meanings of popuar words used in the Cardano Blockchain & Project Catalyst.

There are 11 entries in this glossary.
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Hacking is the process of using a computer to manipulate another computer or computer system in an unauthorized fashion.
An event in which the total rewards per confirmed block halves.
Hard Cap
A hard cap is the absolute maximum supply of a digital asset.
Hard Fork (Blockchain)
A type of protocol change that validates all previously invalid transactions, and invalidates all previously valid transactions.
Hardware Wallet
A hardware wallet is a wallet for cryptocurrencies that usually resemble a USB stick.
A hash is the output result of a hashing algorithm, which creates a unique, fixed-length string to encrypt and secure a certain selection of arbitrary data.
Hash Power / Hash Rate
A unit of measurement for the amount of computing power being consumed by the network to continuously operate.
A type of passive investment strategy where you hold an investment for a long period of time, regardless of any changes in the price or markets.
Hosted Wallet
A wallet managed by a third-party service.
Hot Wallet
A cryptocurrency wallet that is connected to the internet for hot storage of cryptoassets, as opposed to an offline, cold wallet with cold storage. *See Cold Wallet.
Howey Test
A test used to determine whether or not an asset is a security.

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