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Welcome to Project Catalyst. We're glad that you're considering becoming a part of the world's largest decentralized innovation platform. This guide will tell you everything you need to know. But first thing first:

What is Project Catalyst?

Project Catalyst is the beginning of bringing on-chain governance to Cardano. It is a series of experiments which leverage the collective intelligence of the Catalyst Community to determine the future direction and development of the Cardano ecosystem. Through a series of "innovation funds", the community sources brilliant ideas, decided via a vote, and the Cardano treasury finances the best ideas for building a global blockchain.

Why Collaborate to Innovate?

Over the last seven funds we've put a great deal of time, effort, and passion into creating a governance system which allows everyone to have their voice heard. But why do it?. What advantages does bottom up decision making have over traditional centralized decision making?. We see three clear benefits:

  • Distributed research and development: We can build things better, faster, and cheaper than top down organizations when we empower our community.
  • Decentralized team building: Great innovation comes from great teams. Many of our most impactful projects come from teams who met while becoming a part of Project Catalyst.
  • Group refinement and execution: We see a significant improvement in the quality of proposals after the community weighs in with their constructive criticism.

How does Project Catalyst work?

  • Innovation: During this phase each participant responds to community generated challenges with their own ideas. Brainstorming leads to conceptualization, community feedback and then finalized proposals.
  • Governance: Once the discussion has ended, participants register to vote using their ADA. Community voting is the end of the governance phase and the beginning of building something new on Cardano.
  • Execution: Once teams begin building, they receive guidance and mentorship to deliver on their proposals. Regular reports are made to the community to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

How can i participate?

  • ProposersPropose new ideas for a shot at winning funding.
  • Referrers: Champion Project Catalyst by inviting new Proposers.
  • Community AdvisorsReview finalized proposals to help ADA holders make the best decision.
  • Challenge Teams: Maximize impact by framing problems and defining success.
  • VotersDecide on the future of Cardano by deciding which proposals receive funding.

Introducing Funds

Funding and Voting begins and we want you to be part of it. Below you'll find a list of all the challenges that we're tackling alongside the amount of funding available for proposers. Fund will control $16M in ADA, thru to USO/ADA market price on the day that funding is distributed.

What new?

In partnership with the community, we've defined a number of improvements to introduce in funding that will promote growth and learning over time while rewarding expertise and good-faith participation. New initiatives include a database to track CA / vCA activities over time (building foundations for reputation), additional requirements for vCAs to participate and earn rewards (growing expertise and improving outcomes), and automatic filtering of assessments pre-QA (reducing workload and improving focus).

Fund Goals

  • Prepare a group of people willing and able to make contributions to the ecosystem.
  • Accelerate the developer and app ecosystem
  • Helping them grow and evolve

What challenges should the community prioritize to address?

Community defined challenges are critical for Cardano community self-governance, and generate a unique way to achieve Cardano's mission. Challenge setting is different from other challenges as it's about proposing new challenges, whether regular challenges are about proposing initiatives to address challenges. Once a proposal is accepted by the community, the proposing team has an opportunity to receive a "Challenge team" incentive.

DApps and Integrations

What applications will provide the most value for end users in 2022?.


Let's build quality DApps and Integrations to increase utility & adoption of Cardano.

What research and scaling implementations can be introduced to help Cardano increase scalability?.


Hydra will not solve every scaling problem in Cardano. Let's explore alternative solutions together.

Open Source Development System

How can we ensure that the Cardano ecosystem is built on a framework which is owned by the community and equally accessible to all?. 


There are core functionalities that most projects need, community owned open-source solutions can make them available to everyone.

Developer Ecosystem

How can we create a positive developer experience that helps the developer focus on building successful apps?.


Creating an awesome experience that incentives developers, will lead to increased developer adaption, productivity, and creativity.

Nation Building Dapps

What core Nation Building Dapp solutions can be provided for widespread users acquired in the developing world?.


For the poor nations with no basic foundations, Nation Building Dapp solutions will be the building blocks enabling sustainable prosperity.

Gamers On-Chained

What Blockchain gaming applications should be developed to achieve mass adoption of Cardano?.


Gamers are ready to enter crypto. Let's make Cardano the go-to blockchain for developing gaming applications.

Miscellaneous Challenge

How do we create a space for the ideas and projects that do not fit any of the other current Challenges?.


Let's fund great ideas that focus on problems that are not covered by any other Challenge.

Business Solutions (B2B & B2C)

How can Cardano-based solutions help meet real business needs and what would be their impact?.


Companies are finally discovering the power of blockchain technologies. Let's onboard exciting 828 and B2C solutions to Cardano.

Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs

How can we increase meaningful participation among the community in the next 6 months?.


Community-driven projects like Catalysts need organized events to connect, discuss ideas, solve problems together and initiate collaboration.

Lobbying for favorable legislation

How can we defend ourselves from attacks by governments and compromising legislation and unfair tax policies on an ongoing basis?.


Let's create the right conditions fore more favorable rules on taxation, use of cryptocurrencies and greater privacy for cryptocurrency users.

Grow Africa, Grow Cardano

How do we continue to seed and grow Cardano in Africa in 2022?.


The "Grow Africa" challenge is central to a key initiative of Carano's, expanding into Africa. Let's support this drive through Catalyst.

Grow India, Grow Cardano

How can we grow Cardano development and adoption in India?.


Let's grow adoption of Cardano in India by promoting increased interaction between Catalyst and Indian focused projects.

Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano

How do we grow the Cardano ecosystem in East Asia in an inclusive and supportive way?. The same way we do in Africa, focused initiatives!.


The Cardano community leans heavily toward North America and Europe. Growth elsewhere requires our support and initiative as a community.

Film + Media (FAM) creative unite!

How might we foster a decentralized FAM network to produce quality Cardano community media?.


Let's enrich the Cardano ecosystem with diversity and human creativity in the arts.

The Great Migration (from Ethereum)

How might we make it easy and fast for Dapps and other projects to expand or completely move from Ethereum to Cardano?.


Many projects are stuck on EVM-based blockchains like Ethereum and are looking for an escape. Let's show them that Cardano can be faster and cheaper to use.

Open Standards & Interoperability

Can we build an Open Ecosystem to drive growth, give equal opportunities to all, and increase the synergies across Cardano projects?.


Let's deliver complex software - driving collaboration, and accelerating innovation by sharing identity, practices, and SW components/services.

Accelerate Decentralized Identity

What solutions can we develop and implement with Atala PRISM to have the most positive impact and opportunities for rapid growth of Cardano.


By identifying high-value credentials, we can establish governance framework foundries for launching pilot programs and driving growth.

Self-Sovereign Identity

How can we take the next step to support the principles of self-sovereign identity?.


Let's become leaders in the SSI ecosystem, assuring trust and giving individuals control of their digital identities.

Cross-Chain Collaboration

How might we create connections and collaboration between Cardano and other blockchains in the next six months?.


Interoperability of blockchains and multi-chain awareness guarantees shared success of the cryptoeconomy as a whole.

New Member Onboarding

How might we make it faster and easier for new Catalyst members to take on suitable roles and responsibilities in 2022?.


Let's set up new community members for success including challenge teams, proposers, advisors, mentors and voters.

Improve and Grow Auditability

How to make the auditing process of funded proposals efficient, distributed and transparent?.


It's important that the funded proposals are evaluated to see if they are delivering what was established in their mission.

Community Advisor Improvements

Community Advisors are an evolving key role of Project Catalyst and need a place and budget to submit proposals to improve their performance.


Community Advisors are facing constantly challenges, let's enable them to actively co-design their activity.

Key Dates

16 February 2022 - 11:00 UTC:

Fund8 launches at Town Hall


17 February 2022 - 11:00 UTC:

Innovation phases begins: Insight Sharing - to share perspectives on challenges.


24 February 2022 - 11:00 UTC:

Proposal submission opens: 1 week for proposers to submit draft ideas to IdeaScale. Deadline for draft submission is on 3 March 11:00 UTC.


3 march 2022 - 11:00 UTC:

Refine Ideas: Proposers develop proposals to improve clarity based on structured feedback from the community.


10 March 2022 - 11:00 UTC:

Deadline to Finalize proposals and register. Community Advisors for assessment stage.


14 April 2022 - 11:00 UTC:

Fund8 voting begins.


Early May 2022:

Fund8 winners announced.

How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved with Project Catalyst and we want as many ADA holders to participate as possible. To become part of the Project Catalyst community all you have to do is make an account on our collaboration platform Idea Scale.


Once you become a part of the Catalyst community you can participate in discussions, suggest new challenges, and vote. You can help make proposals stronger by becoming a community advisor. You can also respond to challenges by building a team and launching a proposal.

Where to find Project Catalyst?

To submit a proposal:


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