How will feedback to proposers be given?

Feedback is given  through IdeaScale. There, anyone can provide helpful thoughts to strengthen proposals and their ability to be implemented effectively.

Is the challenge intended to be macro focused on how to implement things that encourage developers to build on Cardano, OR micro focused on actually funding the creation of specific Dapp proposals? OR both?

Both. We need big bold development ideas and smaller business initiatives to grow Cardano into a global financial and social operating system. Project Catalyst exists to fund all kinds of ideas.


Will there be voting from Yoroi?

Yes, we are in discussions with Emurgo to onboard a voting process in the future.




What is an innovator?

An innovator is anyone who brings ideas for advancement to the innovation platform. An innovator can be technical or non-technical. The innovator’s most important job is strengthening Cardano through identifying potential opportunities for development.


Who is the proposer?

Think of the proposer as  the “CEO” of the proposal, accountable for guiding it’s execution from start to finish.


What is a community advisor?

A community advisor is familiar with the innovation platform, the challenge, and best practices for developing a proposal. They act to assist innovators in ensuring that their ideas are auditable, achievable, and impactful.


What is the role of implementers? 

Implementers make the proposals happen. These can be individuals, teams of developers or even partnerships with organizations.


Who is the voter?

Voters will eventually decide if a proposal is funded or if more improvements are necessary.


Can teams work on proposals?

Yes! We encourage everyone to explore working in teams and groups.


Are there appointed professionals who can refine ideas? 

We do not have a structured expert class as of this moment. We encourage anyone looking for guidance to reach out to participants in previous funds. The Project Catalyst community always the best source of information, innovation, and inspiration for new participants.


How will the implementers be decided?

The proposer will pick the implementation team.


Can participants be non-technical?

Absolutely, building Cardano requires the input of both technical and non-technical individuals. We’re building a platform that works for everyone so we want everyone involved.

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