We are going to launch ourselves as the Cardano Community Hubs DAO "CCH DAO" with the aim of increasing our effectiveness at establishing Hubs around the world, this was one of the objectives stated in our Fund 7 & 8 roadmaps.

We will record all of the steps in detail (and using multilingual multimedia) and share them as an open-source guide to create DAOs, we will also be working with other proposers to develop special DAO creation tools, we will also encourage our Cardano Hubs to become DAOs to support themselves financially for the long term so they can relieve the demands on Project Catalyst Funding (giving others a chance).

We will be incorporating all of our work and developped projects into CCH DAO, by the very nature of the DAO business model we will put the control of how we build the number of Cardano Community Hubs in the hands of the community:

This will be our CCH DAO Ecosystem

We are also in contact with others planning to educate and create tools or DAO creation to collaborate to the maximum

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