"cDDK" means "Cardano DAO Development Kit", We will create the CCH DAO and record our journey for all to learn from.

How we perceive the problem we are solving;

We want to help the increased adoption of the DAO model on the cardano BLOCKCHAIN, we will also document our journey in creating our CCH DAO and presenting it As a Cardano DAO development kit (cDDK) making it as easy as possible to follow.

Our reasons for approaching it in the way that we have; 

We believe the most powerful way to educate, and guide is to lead by example, we want to help demystify the process of creating a decentralised autonomous organisation by demonstrating how it can be done.

The Stakeholders our project will engage; 

As our primary objective has been to increase the number of Cardano Community Hubs around the world and to have those hubs become financially independent, we will focus our efforts on encouraging new and existing Cardano Hubs to adopt the DAO model as part of their monetisation and efforts to become self-sustainable.

How our project will be implemented; 

In addition to our own research about DAO creation we have also reached out to other proposers and community members with similar interests.

What we will produce;

We will create ourselves as the “CCH DAO” and we will record our journey to create a cDDK (Cardano DAO Development Kit) in coordination with other experts in this area.

Our expected outcomes;

We hope and expect that leading by example will motivate all corners of the Cardano community to employ the DAO Governance models to increase the number of transactions and create self-sustainable projects and businesses build specifically on the Cardano Blockchain.

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