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[GENERAL] Which funding category best represents your project?

Please find the relevant tags by typing to show an expanded list. Even though there are 400+ tags, these are predefined and may not cover all possibilities. It is not possible to add custom tags at the moment. This field is optional.

[GENERAL] Website/GitHub repository, or any other relevant link.

You could include links to your website or that of a partner organization, and/or a link to any whitepaper or other publication you have written about in your proposal.

But please note, you should not omit any of the questions in this form because the answers are in your website or your whitepaper. This is extra information which voters and Proposal Assessors might choose not to read.

These fields are optional - you may leave them blank if you wish.




[GENERAL] Requested funds in USD.

Requested funds in USD. Do not include commas, currency symbols, or any other punctuation. If your budget is $50,000, write "50000".

Ensure that the amount matches the total budget listed in the feasibility section later in the form.

If your funding request is 10 USD or less, your proposal will be automatically archived. This means that your proposal will not advance to the next stage of Catalyst and will be removed from the process. It will not reach Governance stage either and will not be considered for funding. This field has a deadline to be finalised.

[GENERAL] Co-submitters

Please list all co-submitters and co-proposers here that are going to actively participate in your proposal. Make sure you have confirmed with these individuals and accounts before adding them here for their approval and awareness.


Media (YouTube link)

This field is specifically to add YouTube media link to showcase on your proposal. Other links will not work here. Make sure to use only direct YouTube video link (not a profile or playlist link).

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