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[FEASIBILITY] Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown. Make sure every element mentioned in your plan in the previous question is costed. It may be helpful to refer to your plan and timeline, list all the resources you will need at each stage, and what they cost.

The exact budget elements you include will depend on what type of work you are doing, and you might need to give less detail for a small, low-budget proposal

Consider including budget elements for publicity, marketing, promotion, community engagement; for project management; and for documentation - most proposals need these, but many proposers forget to include them. 

If you feel that there are significant issues with contingency in your proposal - for example, if it will be dramatically affected if ADA prices fall significantly after you receive a tranche of payment, and you are unable to manage this risk - you could consider including a budget element for “contingency”.

If your budget includes wages or fees to workers, it may be helpful to include brief information on how you have decided this figure. For instance, is it based on average wage in your country; typical freelance rate in your industry; something else?

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