Now that you have downloaded and installed the YOROI Wallet, it is time to set up the wallet for use. You will see 3 Options...,


Choose the middle option "Create a Wallet"


Once again choose option "Create a Wallet"..,



On the following screen, you will see a set of 15 random words. This is your wallet backup phrase. It can be entered in any version of Yoroi in order to back up or restore your wallet’s funds and private key.

Make sure nobody looks into your screen unless you want them to have access to your funds.

Click "Continue"



Please, make sure you have carefully written down your “Recovery Phrase” somewhere SAFE! You will need this phrase to use and restore your wallet. The phrase is case sensitive.
BUTTON: Yes I have Written it down

NB: This “Recovery Phrase” and wallet does not hold any funds.



The system then asks you to confirm the "Recovery Phrase" to make sure you have written it down properly, keep this phrase safe!!



You will now see your YOROI Wallet Dashboard, to claim your AirDrop of HUBS Tokens, go to the "Receive" tab...,



Now click the button to copy your "Receiving Address", then go to the "Registration Page" (Click Here) and enter it into the correct section and choose the name of your Wallet.



Here is the Registration page indicating the correct place to paste your "Receiving Address".



Click Here to Register Now!


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