Project Catalyst gives YOU the opportunity to secure Grant Funding to Build Cardano Community Hubs for your projects, that will build the adoption of the Cardano Blockchain around the world, you can create Businesses, Community Projects, Training and you can build Blockchain Applications that solves real world problems.

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Help your local community

Create hubs for education about Cardano

Build communities around uses of Cardano & ADA

Develop mini & low budget applications

Create your own NFTs

Run community Events

Offer consultancy services to help the community

Increase worldwide adoption of Cardano ADA

Run Ecological projects


Introduce new business management systems

Create platforms to Buy & sell your products & services

Develop new international markets

Incorporate decentralise financial (DeFi) solutions

Offer Cyber-security services

Digitising businesses consultancy

Build in house developer coding teams


Create new applications to help increase use-cases

Create decentralised financial applications (DeFi)

Create projects to facilitate easier uses of Cardano

Create new marketplaces for NFTs

Work with existing teams to create new functionality

Create new blockchain games & virtual worlds

Develop digital Identity (DID) solutions